-This NFT is a collab with my brother Michael M, a self taught photographer. - She left everything behind, she is naked and does not care. She wants to follow her soul's desires, but her mindset does not play along. The weight of the world, the earthly desires are pulling her down. It is a reminder, to all of us, that we are not this body. Everything we desire, lays beyond the material world. This NFT will be launched on November 23rd, 2022. It is a 1/33 hand drawn art/photo collage. There will be 33 pieces available on Opensea.

The project behind

From our childhood on, we are taught, how to separate our soul from ourselves. Taught, how to ignore the divine within us, forget, why we are here and what our purpose is. Every single step in the process of education and socialisation is carefully selected, tested and applied. All this effort, to make as many people fit in as possible and convince the majority, that this is the system that works. Every here and then an outcast pops out. I am one of those. After all these years of trying to fit in, to do the job, work a steady 9-5 routine, please the “community”and give my best to receive some change in return…the only regret that I have is, that I didn’t find the courage to do it sooner.

This NFT is my reminder. At the same time, I am building a community of like-minded people. A supportive, warm crowd – I know it’s a lot of you out there! Some may say I’m a dreamer, but so was John Lennon in his early years. With launching this project, I became a doer. And I want you, to become a doer as well. It took me more than twenty years, but time doesn’t worry me at all. What could worry me are the sleeping masses, following the pre-sets. But even that is of no concern to me, because if you manage to change one single life for better, you managed a quantum loop. 

With purchasing one of this NFTs, you will enter the community. I am alone at this very moment, writing this. And if you are still reading this, I bet you are the next one. I am not sure, where the road will lead us from there, but the mixture of so many souls, with similar intentions and potentials, can  undoubtedly create something outstanding!

I also have to point out, that part of money earned from this NFTs, will always go to animal shelters! As soon as we’ll have a bigger place, we will adopt another dog, (we adopted three dogs and 5 cats so far) and we’ll keep going!


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